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Getting quality traffic to your websites, funnels and landing pages is harder than ever.

Unless you’re an SEO expert or have one on the payroll, forget about ranking on Google’s search results.


Paying for traffic via ads and media buys only gets more expensive, especially on Facebook. Thus, increasing your risk and hurting your bottom line.

Getting quality leads or subscribers is tougher than ever via the conventional “funnel” methods – and getting sales is even harder.



Generating social buzz and traffic via clickbait, Youtube videos and other tactics can be iffy at best and hugely unprofitable at worst.

Most People are Wasting Their Time

with Online Marketing

The truth is many people are not seeing any results.


Some create content (which is time intensive) but no one pays attention to it afterwards. For example, you write an article, share it on social media and wait for it to go viral.


However, days and days go by without anyone sharing it… no one even notices it. At this point, you are probably asking yourself “Was it even worth it investing 10 hours of my time to write the article?”. 

Others take online courses. Marketing “gurus” make big promises, get you excited and feeling like you have finally found the answer.


However, once you buy the course and start applying the knowledge, you see reality is different and that the quick fix solution doesn’t work.


As a result, you feel tricked and even more discouraged. 

Last not but lease, there are those who allocate ad budgets and still don’t see results.


For instance, you might invest 50/100$ in paid ads with the hope at least one person will buy.


As soon as you try it out, you see that people click on the ad but don’t buy. You feel like you’re wasting your money and, to be honest, that’s exactly the case (unless you really know what you’re doing).


Most people and companies don’t have the money to experiment enough or just don’t want to risk their hard earned money. 

How can I be so sure about the above-mentioned information?

To put it simply, I have experienced all that myself. 

How Can I be so Sure? 

Personally, I have taken many different marketing courses about Social Media, SEO, starting a business online… you name it.


The plan was to take different marketing and entrepreneurship courses, apply the knowledge inside, get the results promised and succeed.


Sounds simple, right? Wrong! 

After each course I was excited, believing this is it, that I will finally “crack the code” and live the life of my dreams.


I had no idea how wrong I was.


Unfortunately, every course was just a small piece of a huge puzzle.


It always took more time, more effort and there were some problems which further slowed me down.

What would happen many times is that I read a blog post, take a course, then apply the knowledge inside and … nothing.


I would still not be earning enough money. I would still be frustrated.


I would always try a different technique, a different approach with the little hope left in my heart.


It was obvious I was doing something wrong… The question was what exactly.


Many people were succeeding online. Some friends of mine were also making a ton of money and they were regular people just like me.


It was definitely possible!

The worst thing I could do at that moment was to give up.

To live my whole life in regret, asking the question “What if…”, “What if I had continued? What if success was just around the corner?”

I started researching almost any opportunity related to marketing.


This time I was committed.


Everything or nothing at all! It was high time to focus and find peace of mind.

The problem was nothing caught my attention.


Most of it seemed just like another useless piece of information.


Most of it seemed like another marketing technique which won’t work. 

I wanted to be the best marketer possible, to help companies get clients and people to spread their message.


That’s when I became curious “Why do some people go viral and some don’t? Why do some people produce a ton of content unsuccessfully while some go viral with every video they post?”.


I started researching and guess what… THERE’S A SCIENCE BEHIND THIS.

There's a Better Way

You can actually learn it.

You can follow certain principles that will make your video, ad, article, message go viral. This science is called Viral Marketing. 

Just try reading a business magazine or sites like Wired, Fast Company, or Mashable without coming across a mention of a major internet player or big Fortune 500 using “viral marketing” or “referral marketing”

to rake in the big bucks. 

Proven, age-old marketing strategy?

Viral Marketing (as well as “referral marketing”) is simply
“word-of-mouth advertising”, taken to the next level.

Word-of-mouth has been around since Roman times and has survived every paradigm shift in advertising through the ages.

Let’s just say, it’s not going anywhere.

Best of all… it’s usually free!

The numbers speak for themselves


People trust recommendations from friends and family seven times more than traditional advertising.


Globally, 92% of consumers trust referrals and/or recommendations from friends/family above all other forms of advertising.


Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than customers acquired via other means, and they’re more loyal!

But How Can You Leverage Viral Marketing for Your Business? 


UpViral is a complete, web-based solution and referral formula that handles every aspect of viral marketing.

Making it cheap and easy to build highly profitable marketing campaigns that leverage your visitors so your traffic compounds over time!

Now anyone can launch a professional and effective campaign from any computer, tablet or mobile device… in just five minutes!

Get All the Tools You Need 

to Build Viral Marketing Campaigns

Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friends!

Easily Run
Viral Giveaways

Easily Run
Viral Contests 
& Sweepstakes

Put on a contest to promote your site, service or product via all social media channels in as little as 5 minutes!

Easily Run
Viral Product Launches

Create a promotional campaign that will bring you massive numbers of qualified leads – with little or no advertising needed!

Easily Integrates With Your Existing Funnels 

Just insert a snippet of code and UpViral integrates with your existing autoresponder, landing pages, templates and more!

Run Campaigns From Any Location

Nothing to download or install, use via any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision...?

Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You'll Get When You Join UpViral Today!

Bonus #1 - Viral Marketing Video Training (Valued at $797)

You can speed up your learning and get the best results using Viral Marketing with this easy and pin-point accurate video training that is: 
• A LIVE showcase of the best & latest techniques
• Easy to understand and has a professional US voiceover

This is a complete collection of High Definition videos with step by step content. Here’s the breakdown:

Section 1: Viral Marketing Basics
Video 1: What Is Online Marketing All About?
Video 2: What is Viral Marketing?
Video 3: How Can Viral Marketing Help Your Business?
Video 4: Shocking Viral Marketing Facts To Consider

Section 2: Viral Marketing - Step by Step

Video 5: The Anatomy Of Viral Marketing Content

Video 6: The Best Ways To Deliver Viral Marketing Content

Video 7: Where To Find The Right Audience For Going Viral

Video 8: Getting Started With A Viral Website
Video 9: Getting Viral Marketing Ideas Before Creating Content
Video 10: Creating A Profitable Viral Post

Section 3: Advanced Viral Marketing Strategies

Video 11: Going Viral With Video

Video 12: Going Viral On Social Media

Video 13: Using StumbleUpon To Easily Go Viral

Video 14: Going Wildly Viral With Email Contests

Video 15: Crazy Secret Viral Marketing Tactics That Work

Video 16: Optimizing Your Viral Marketing Campaigns

Section 4: Additional Tips to consider
Video 17: Do's And Don’ts
Video 18: Premium Tools And Services To Consider
Video 19: Shocking Case Studies
Video 20: Frequently Asked Questions

Bonus #2 - Audio Recordings of ALL videos (Valued at $97)

You can listen to the Viral Marketing Video Training recordings wherever you go!  

Regardless whether you’re:

At The Gym…

Picking Your Kids Up From School…


No matter where you’re at, or what you’re doing, these audio recordings make it EASY to get more done in a day...

Bonus #3 - Cheat Sheet (Valued at $27)

This cheat sheet is a handy checklist that you can print out and use to easily take action at every step of the process. 

It breaks up the whole training into easy-to-follow steps, so that you can make sure you have every single piece of advice taught in the training at your fingertips. This helps you track your progress in order to attain your goals easily.

Bonus #4 - Mind Map (Valued at $27)

This is a really useful mind map outlining the complete training.


It gives you an overview of every step you need to apply. You can print it out for using it effectively.

Bonus #5 - Top Resources Report (Valued at $47)

Here you will have access to a complete niche research report regarding Viral Marketing: Videos, Tools, Training courses, Forums, Affiliate programs, Demographics, Webinars, Infographics, Facts, and Case studies. 

All the effort for streamlining your Viral Marketing campaign has been taken care of on our end. You just need to apply these proven strategies, and get your business way above your competitors.

Bonus #6 - Quick-Start UpViral Video Training (Valued at $67)

Hosted by UpViral’s founder and creator, all 12 lessons are stuffed with gold nuggets designed to save you time and money by giving you the powerful tools you need to maximize your campaigns!

This is an intensive training program you don’t want to miss!

Bonus #7 - Two In-Depth Case Studies (Valued at $97)

This bonus arms you with two thorough case study breakdowns straight from Wilco, the founder of UpViral.

Case Study #1:
In the first impressive campaign, Wilco generated over 300,000 visitors and 13,000 subscribers!


Case Study #2:
In this campaign, Wilco got 70,000 visitors and 16,000 subscribers!

Bonus #8 - 100,000+ Interview (Valued at $67)

You’ll also get access to an exclusive 30-minute interview of one customer who used UpViral to accumulate 100,000+ email subscribers within 30 days!


He shares the steps he took to do it with you here, so you can get off to a running start and report similar results when you use UpViral to market your business!

Bonus #9 - Giveaway/ Contest Reward Guide (Valued at $97)

Making your contests and giveaways go wildly viral requires the right incentives or prizes. That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this detailed visual guide.


You’ll learn exactly what to give away for maximum results – with various practical examples that work across every niche and market you can imagine!

Bonus #10 - Contest Promotion Mastery (Valued at $197)

Once you’ve set up your viral contest or giveaway, you’ll want to send some initial traffic to it to get the ball rolling…

… and we’ve got you covered! Through experience we’ve carefully selected a list of 100 ways to drive instant traffic and leads to your contests & giveaways – for free!

Why Time Is Of The Essence...

  • Ever since UpViral first went live their team has been working hard on adding new features and possibilities for their customers.
    Because of the immense value they’ve been adding, they’ve increased the price numerous times already. And
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  • The Bonuses are of such high-quality I may start selling them separately soon

Here's a Recap Of 
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  • UpViral
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  • Viral Marketing Step-by-step Video Training

  • Audio Recordings

  • Cheat Sheet

  • Mind Map

  • Top Resources Report

  • Exclusive Quick-Start UpViral Video Training

  • Two In-Depth Case Studies

  • 100,000 + Subscribers Interview 

  • Giveaway/ Contest Reward Guide 

  • 100+ Ways to Drive Instant Traffic for FREE  


($397 Value)

($97 Value)

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($97 Value)

($67 Value)

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($197 Value)

Total Value: $1103

You Get All That for only $35

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