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About Me 


My name is Stoyan Vlahovski. I help people and companies get more clients through social media. 


The content on this website will help you make more sales, reduce your marketing costs and more. 

I am here to share the truth and what really works (not like many online "gurus" who claim to know it all). My story is a little bit different. 

It all started several years ago. I had always been quite ambitious and knew I had potential. One weekend it was raining. The only thing you could hear was the pouring rain. I was sitting at home, bored, staring at my computer screen. I was sitting there, thinking about life and suddenly realized … I’m not doing anything to achieve my dreams. I wanted to be special but was living a completely ordinary life without even making an effort to achieve my goals.

I knew I had to do something but had no idea what. As strange as it sounds, I didn’t even know what to search for in Google. The best idea I had was to check on Facebook for pages related to millionaires and billionaires (I know it sounds stupid). The first page I found was called “Billionaire Boys Club”. It showed expensive cars and big houses. I liked it and as I was about to check out even more pages, my mother interrupted me with some unimportant question.

Later that day I logged into Facebook again and saw an ad for a free ebook called “16 ways to succeed in online marketing”. This sounded like a perfect opportunity to change my situation, to finally make the first step. I was so excited this book was free… you have no idea. I downloaded it and read it immediately. To be honest, the content was not so helpful but it was enough to excite me. As a result, I started following people in the entrepreneurship and marketing space. I was reading more books, watching more videos…. I was hooked. It soon became apparent that you can control your life, that you don’t have to work for someone else, that you can be different. My whole worldview had changed in a single moment.

The plan was to take different marketing and entrepreneurship courses, apply the knowledge inside, get the results promised and succeed. Sounds simple, right? Wrong!

Initially, everything was going exactly as planned. I took many different marketing courses about Social Media, SEO, starting a business online… you name it. For this reason, I managed to find the dream job for many 20-year-olds - flexible working time, working from anywhere in the world, an outstanding boss (more on that in another article). I would always be so proud in front of my friends and family.

However, things changed once I decided to pursue some projects of my own. Having taken so many courses, I was excited, believing this is it, that I will finally “crack the code” and live the life of my dreams. I had no idea how wrong I was. Unfortunately, every course was just a small piece of a huge puzzle. It always took more time, more effort and there were some problems which further slowed me down.

What happens many times is that I read a blog post, take a course, then apply the knowledge inside and … nothing. I was still not earning money. I was still frustrated. I would always try a different technique, a different approach with the little hope left in my heart. It was obvious I was doing something wrong… The question was what exactly. Many people were succeeding online. Some friends of mine were also making a ton of money and they were regular people just like me. It was definitely possible!

The worst thing I could do at that moment was to give up, to live my whole life in regret, asking the question “What if…”, “What if I had continued? What if success was just around the corner?” The only thing between me and my dreams was the correct strategy, the correct mentor and putting in the work (but this time in a smart way). I decided to specialise even more, to do what most people won’t, to seek help from REAL people, not gurus selling online courses.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what I did. I found people who truly want to help. I started researching almost any opportunity related to marketing. This time I was committed. Everything or nothing at all! It was high time to focus and find peace of mind.

The problem was nothing caught my attention. Most of it seemed just like another useless piece of information. Most of it seemed like another marketing technique which won’t work. I wanted to be the best marketer possible, to help companies get clients and people to spread their message. That’s when I became curious “Why do some people go viral and some don’t? Why do some people produce a ton of content unsuccessfully while some go viral with every video they post?”. I started researching and guess what… THERE’S A SCIENCE BEHIND THIS. You can actually learn it. You can follow certain principles that will make your video, ad, article, message go viral. Not always but ten times more often. This science is called viral marketing.

Finally, I decided to jump into viral marketing. To learn what makes viral content, viral. To apply it and see for myself. I finally feel like I’ve found a niche, the thing I truly love doing and only time will show what happens. Regardless, I won’t regret it because I am thankful to have found my passion so early. The feeling to wake up every day excited about life, full of happiness, cannot be bought with money.